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  • What is the Powertrain of the Frontrunner?
    The Frontrunner is equipped with a V-6 Pentastar from FCA. The engine has 280 lbs. of horsepower and 290 foot pounds of torque. The transmission is an automatic 6-speed transmission. The engine is backed by an industry leading 5 year 100,000 mile warranty.
  • Is the Frontrunner Available with Diesel or Alternative Fuels?
    Currently the diesel option is unavailable from FCA though the Order Guide shows “Late Availability. It is unknown when or if that will change. The V-6 Pentastar does not offer a hardened valve option necessary for alternative fuels like propane. Additionally, the lowered floor design does not provide space for tanks to store alternative fuels efficiently or safely. With twice the mileage of a typical cutaway the Frontrunner is a viable and much greener alternative to a typical cutaway with a large V-8 engine. The Frontrunner achieved average mileage of 11-12 m.p.g on a dynamometer at Altoona.
  • Does the Frontrunner Require a CDL?
    In most states the Frontrunner does not require a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) due to its maximum passenger capacity of 15 people. Exceptions to this are the states of California and New York which recently changed its CDL requirements. Check with your local state authorities for current regulations.
  • Does the Frontrunner Provide For Standees?
    The Frontrunner was not designed for standees. Accordingly, it does not have a standee line and was not tested to accommodate them.
  • What options are available on the Frontrunner?
    The Frontrunner has numerous available optional features including: Front and Side Lit Destination Signs Wireless Stop Request buttons Front mounted A/V television 22” Numerous seating fabric choices including fabric grades 1-5 and anti-microbial seating Driver’s barrier Fair Box Stanchions, modesty panels, overhead grab rails HEPA filtration system Cold weather package including engine block heater, heated entrance step, high-capacity interior heating, power heated outside mirrors Commercial slip resistant flooring from Altro and Gerflor Rear Bus Door
  • Can the Frontrunner be Painted
    While the Frontrunner could be painted we recommend that a high quality vinyl wrap from 3M be used instead. The exterior surfaces of the Frontrunner were designed to be wrapped providing a strong durable bond with the latest in vinyl adhesive wraps which we find to be more durable than paint and able to withstand the rigors of commercial bus washing booths.
  • Are the Frontrunner’s Windows Bonded?
    The Frontrunner’s deep tinted windows which provide great visibility and an open Motor Coach feel to its passengers were designed to appear to be a bonded window but in fact are full framed windows making them easy to replace and maintain.
  • Does the Frontrunner Have Dual Rear Wheels?
    No, the Frontrunner does not have dual rear wheels nor is it required to. Dual rear wheels are frequently found on higher GVWR chassis to absorb the additional weight over the axles. While many consider dual rear wheels to be more stable than single rear wheel designs that is often a fallacy for the following reasons: (1) manufacturers often extend the body of a bus well to the outside of the dual rear wheels thereby extending the center of gravity and cancelling the perceived stability of the second wheel on each side (2) the inside wheel in a dual rear wheel configuration is notoriously neglected because it is difficult to service. This too negates the theoretical benefit of having dual rear wheels. At a GVWR of 9,350 lbs. the Frontrunner does not require a dual rear wheel configuration. In addition, the Frontrunner’s rear axle is 6” wider on each side than the front wheels. With an already low center of gravity from its purpose-built low floor chassis the additional width of the axle provides a tighter turning radius and a very stable platform. The Frontrunner did extremely well at the Altoona cone/maneuverability test showing very little body lean. See Altoona Test for details.
  • How Do You Repair A Composite Sidewall?
    The Frontrunner’s sidewalls are very durable and less likely to dent than an aluminum or FRP skin. Should they require body work it is done in a very similar fashion to most traditional body work repairs for most typical repairs. The only difference is that any cavity created by body damage would be filled with an expoxy resin vs. traditional body shop fillers.
  • Has Frontrunner Been through the Altoona Pass/Fail test?
    Yes, Frontrunner has been through the 5 Year/ 150,000 mile Altoonal Pass/Fail Test and received an unprecedented score of 91. Allowed 125 hours of downtime, Frontrunner was down only 1 hour.
  • Does the Frontrunner Meet Buy America?
    Yes, the Frontrunner meets Buy America.
  • Is There An Electric Frontrunner?
    Not yet, but stay tuned. The unique patented lightweight body structure of the Frontrunner combined with its low floor purpose built chassis provides an excellent foundation and platform for an electric vehicle. This unique platform portends a Frontrunner with excellent range.
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