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The movement toward right sizing fleets across the country is leading Transit agencies to recognize the value of a true low floor in a more economical size. The Technology driven, greener Low Floor Frontrunner is the only low floor cutaway based mini-bus built in the true likeness of a Heavy Duty Transit bus.

Transit Frontrunner
Frontrunner Senior Living Transportation

Senior Living Transportation

For those discerning customers that demand that transportation is not just a commodity, The Low Floor Frontrunner redefines Senior Living Transportation. For those who can’t or refuse to negotiate steps or bear the indignity of riding on a wheelchair lift, the low floor Frontrunner mini-bus offers one low step in and a simple reliable ramp for effortless entry and exit.  Its spacious coach style deep tint integrated windows, industry leading wide door opening, purpose-built chassis, and air suspension offers the best in comfort, convenience, and economy in a Non-CDL* easy to drive mini-bus. Expect more, see a Frontrunner today.

(*Most states see local regulations regarding CDL requirements)

Book Mobile

As the growing trend for mobile offices and providing concierge services where the customer gathers gains traction, the Frontrunner’s unique platform provides multiple options for a mobile office, grocery, emergency response, and concierge services such as doctors and dentists checkups.

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