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One Step Entrance to a Flat Floor

The entrance to the Frontrunner features an industry leading 41.5” opening with two door options:


  • Ventura Plug Style Electric Door  The Ventura plug style electric door is a heavy-duty Transit style door with sensitive edge and a 1.5 million tested duty cycle. Its tight seal ensures a rattle free design and elimination of wind noise and moisture penetration. Its duty cycle equates to opening and closing the door every minute of the day, 24 hours per day, seven days per week for three full years!

  • A&M Bifold Electric Door   An industry standard with a twist.

  • Also, a 41” opening, the custom designed powder coated stainless steel door frame provides a tight weatherproof seal and quiet operation at a more budget minded price point.

Men stepping in Frontrunner
Wheelchair entering

Best In Class 41.5" Wide

  • Single step curb height entrance to a true flat floor, spacious 93” wide interior, and true flat floor at the door entrance, the low floor Frontrunner challenges decades old norms about how cutaway sized mini-buses should be designed, engineered and built.

  • Provides accessibility for all passengers, regardless of their mobility, to enter and exit through the same door. Once inside,  passengers get to experience the comfort of generous seating coupled with an abundant view of the great outdoors, through deep tinted, coach-style windows.

  • “The Frontrunner is without question the most technologically advanced purpose-built low floor mini-bus available today.”

Paul LaRose  

President Frontrunner Bus

36” X 63.5” Ramp

The Frontrunner’s manual 36” x 63.5” wheelchair ramp achieves greater than a 6:1 slope ratio in the kneeled position. Designed to be virtually bullet proof with only one serviceable component (gas shock) the manual ramp is simple to operate and maintain without the worry of having a passenger stuck as is common with a traditional wheelchair lift or in-floor ramp design.


Folding and storing vertically inside the bus, the Frontrunner’s ramp is free from weather and road debris which are the bane of in-floor ramp designs. The ramp is rated at 800 lbs. which means the ramp is capable of holding 2,400 lbs. a requirement to achieve its 800 lb. rating.

Optional Electric Fold-Out Ramp

For those who require an electric ramp, the Company offers a fully electric version of its manual ramp. Virtually identical in appearance to its manual ramp, the electric version incorporates a full drive motor enabling the ramp to be operated either from the driver’s position or corded at the door entrance.


Should there ever be an issue with the drive motor, the operator would simply pull on a large red knob which disconnects the motor from the drive assembly. The result is an electric ramp that behaves exactly like the manual ramp operates avoiding interruptions in service or stranding passengers. 

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