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CAMBUS at University of Iowa Extends Fleet with Frontrunner Buses: A Testimonial to Excellence

In the dynamic realm of university transportation, the quest for reliability, efficiency, and comfort in student transit solutions is perpetual. The University of Iowa's CamBus service recently made a significant stride in this direction by incorporating the Frontrunner buses into their fleet, a decision underscored by a glowing endorsement from Mia Brunelli, the Operations Manager at CamBus. Brunelli's praise, "It was perfect (Frontrunner). As soon as we could, we bought two more," encapsulates not just satisfaction but a testament to the transformative impact the Frontrunner buses have had on their operations.

This endorsement speaks volumes about the Frontrunner's performance and its alignment with the needs of a bustling university transport system. The decision to expand their fleet with additional Frontrunner buses reflects a broader trend toward prioritizing sustainable, comfortable, and efficient transportation solutions in academic environments. As institutions across the globe strive to enhance their transport services for students, testimonials like Brunelli's offer valuable insights into the benefits of investing in innovative transportation technologies. The Frontrunner, with its exceptional fuel economy, passenger comfort, and durability, stands out as a model of how modern engineering can meet the diverse needs of campus transportation efficiently and effectively.

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