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ECAT Director Applauds the Future of Transit with Frontrunner's Innovation

In a recent commendation that underscores the transformative potential of the Low Floor Frontrunner Bus, Rodriguez Kimbrough, the Director of ECAT (Escambia County Area Transit) in Pensacola, Florida, shares an inspiring perspective on the future of public transportation. "Seeing things like this gets me excited about the future of transit," states Kimbrough, reflecting on the Frontrunner's innovative design and performance. This endorsement highlights the growing enthusiasm among transit professionals for sustainable and efficient transportation solutions. The Frontrunner Bus, with its advanced features and eco-friendly efficiency, is at the forefront of this shift, promising a greener, more accessible future for communities nationwide. Kimbrough's insight not only underscores the importance of innovative transit solutions but also signals a bright future for the industry, with the Frontrunner leading the way.

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