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Greater Grand Forks Unites for Transit Excellence: A Close-Up on Cities Area Transit's Success Story in Busline Magazine

In an enlightening feature by Harrell Kerkhoff, Editor of Busline Magazine, the spotlight shines on Cities Area Transit (CAT), a beacon of collaborative and innovative public transportation serving the Grand Forks, ND-MN Metropolitan Statistical Area. This story, rich with the spirit of cooperation across state lines and institutional boundaries, unfolds the growth and optimistic future of CAT's services. Covering Grand Forks, ND, East Grand Forks, MN, and the University of North Dakota, CAT exemplifies the positive outcomes of shared vision and joint efforts in public service.

From its inception in the early 1980s, the partnership between these two cities and the university has propelled a comprehensive transit system forward, offering fixed-route bus services, dial-a-ride paratransit, and specialized senior rider services. Dale Bergman, Cities Area Transit Division Director, shares insights into the system's evolution, highlighting significant ridership growth, technological advancements, and the seamless integration of services across state lines.

This narrative also delves into the operational strategies and community engagement efforts that have shaped CAT into a model of public transportation excellence. As CAT continues to adapt and expand, its story in Busline Magazine's November/December 2023 issue offers valuable lessons on collaboration, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of service improvement in the public transit arena.

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