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The Low Floor Frontrunner Bus Sets New Standards - Featured in the Busline Magazine

Featured in the Busline Magazine, the Low Floor Frontrunner Bus emerges as a beacon of innovation in the transportation sector. Designed to surpass traditional expectations in the cutaway bus class, the Frontrunner embodies the future of travel with its superior fuel economy, safety, convenience, and passenger comfort.

Garnering an impressive 91% in the Altoona durability test, it not only sets a new benchmark for durability but also champions environmental sustainability with its exceptional fuel efficiency. Its advanced composite body structure and unparalleled design innovations underscore its position as the most technologically advanced low floor mini-bus in today's market.

This article, published in Busline Magazine's September/October 2023 issue, offers an in-depth look at the revolutionary features of the Low Floor Frontrunner and its significant impact on reshaping the transportation landscape.

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